Luxuriate In The Outback At Longitude 131


When the word renown Australian Outback comes to mind, luxurious images aren’t usually what comes to mind.  However, five star accommodations and a stay in the rugged outdoors of Australia are no longer exclusive thanks to Longitude 131.


           Longitude 131 sits in the shadow of the iconic Uluru or Ayers Rock. To get to the remote location, the most direct route would be to fly into Adelaide, consider making arrangements with Budget car hire, and taking the lengthy, but very worthwhile, drive north to Ayers Rock. The arduous trek may take its toll on you, however you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed in no time, once you settle into your room at Longitude 131.


           From overhead, what look like simple white tents in the bush, once inside, reveal decadent accommodations that will spoil any traveler. The lodge is located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The magical location features majestic views from the doorstep of Ayers rock. Fifteen tent pavilions offer guests every creature comfort a weary adventurer could ever ask for.


           The 40 square meter interiors of each tent provide spacious accommodations, each with an ensuite bathroom, with a rainshower that has a moving wall panel to showcase views of Uluru. Each pavilion has a king size bed, telephone, internet, climate control, complimentary ensuite bar, daily room service, and an iPad to fill your every entertainment need. If you aren’t enticed already, the other features of Longitude 131 will have you packing your bags immediately.


           Wind down and pamper yourself with the finest skin treatments and massages at the Red Ochre spa, located on the premises. Spend time at Dune House, the central meeting point of Longitude 131. Located here is not only the upscale Dune House restaurant, which serves contemporary Australian cuisine, but you’ll also find a stylish outdoor swimming pool and an extensive game and movie library. Staying at Longitude 131 might make it difficult to leave your tent pavilion and actually see the Outback. However, an immersion in the Outback and the ability to see it from every angle from your pavilion, will beckon you to set out and explore, knowing that decadence awaits you upon your return.


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