Luxurious Man Caves

There’s plenty of talk lately about carving out space in your newly built or existing home for a man cave. But what exactly is a man cave at its core? Let’s start with the basics by defining this space with a simple synopsis from various sources like Wikipedia: 

Man cave [man-keyv] noun: A dedicated area of a house, such as a basement, workshop or garage,
where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends.

Yes, it sounds a bit sexist but the sooner you understand that the friends of your man are important to him, you may be a step closer to matrimonial harmony. If many more couples understood the need for “space” and “friend time,” regardless of gender, chances are they would find themselves in a lot fewer arguments throughout the course of their relationships.

Setting up a man cave

Though a man cave can be basic, it can be anything but understated. For example, Dan Whitney of “Larry the Cable Guy” fame had a prominent area of his $1.5 million home in Sanford, Fla., devoted as a man cave. Some multi-million-dollar homes also feature wood-burning fireplaces, poker tables and theater-style seating for 15-plus guests.

If you’re taking the step toward creating a man cave, make sure both of you are in agreement about the area of the home that will work. You could decide to build it out as an extension of your home, finish out the basement in cave-man style or devote space in your new construction to fulfill his man-fantasy.

After determining the location, look to the theme. Sports and movie themes are popular, as well as just the “man den,” which features a comfortable place to congregate. No matter what the theme, three things always bring the boys to yard. The following are just a few of them:

A pool table -

Always the winner, the billiard room has always been a place for a male gathering. Conversations laced with cigars and scotch seem to pull even the most conservative man into its environment. Thankfully, there are so many different types of pool tables that it is easy to find one that matches any theme he has chosen. The different sizes are also easy to vet, depending on the amount of money you want to spend and how central you want this activity to be in the space.

The bar - 

No matter the motif your man is going for, more than likely beer and other alcohol, will be an integral part of the setting and activity. The best part about such bars is that he may want to build it himself or invest in one that is premade. For the bigger jobs, hire a contractor. Remember that though the room is his, it is still part of your home and you will want to show it off just as badly as he wants to use it. Other enmities for the bar can be mini- or full-size fridges, wine cellars, and the glassware (if any) that he wants to use. All of this will benefit the both of you given you too can visit the man pit when he is not home and partake yourself.

The TV -

Yes, this is the reality and size here does matter. The TV is the other gathering place besides the pool table, one which ties together all the themes into the events in which they are based. Sony, Samsung and Panasonic all offer the best in these lines. If you really want to build out the space as an indoor theatre, consult home theater consultants for specialties like surround sound and theater seating.

Remember that compromise in an essential component of any healthy relationship. Realize the benefits of what a man cave can have for both of you. It’s not necessarily all about him; it is about meeting the needs of each of you. Just like many women need a girls' night out to recharge, men may need time with their friends to relax, play a few games of pool or watch the big game.



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