Luxury golden bars vending machines

Among the recent and most appreciated technologies is the use of luxury golden bars vending machines. These machines simply dispense Gold bars and golden coins. The emergence of this technology was catalyzed by the increased need among investors to invest in gold which is considered to be more secure than other forms of stock. Considering the fact that gold is a rare and expensive item, these vending machines are found in high end areas such as shopping malls, high end hotels and casinos.

Gold bars vending machines are manufactured by a German company Ex Orietnte Lux. The company first installed the machines in United Arab Emirates. Currently, these machines are found spread across Europe and North America.

Where can you find Gold bars vending machines?

These machines go under the brand Gold to go. It is easier to locate their locations as they are listed in the company's website. As at June 2012, there were two such vending machines in the USA. One of the machines is locate in Las Vegas at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino while the other one is located in Atlantic City at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. If you are in London, you will find the Golden bar vending machine at Westfield Shopping Center. Other  machines can be found at some parts of Europe, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Germany.

Considering the fact that Gold is a low risk investment, these machines target the low risk investors. The machine employs very simple principle to operate. The machines are linked to the stock markets where they draw the prices of Gold every after 10 minutes. This ensures that the investor buys the Gold at the most current price.

There are different options when it comes to purchasing Gold bars from the vending machines. The weight of the bars ranges from 1 gram to 250 grams. The investor has to choose between Golden bars or golden coins from the machines.

These vending machines are secured by an advanced technology which makes it almost impossible for thieves to get through. It is also important to note that those investors who want to buy larger bars of gold for example 250 grams will have their passports scanned before they can make the purchase.

Although the machines employs a high technology, their use has been simplified to make them friendly to the users. To make the purchase, the investor is required to deposit money with the vending machine. The machine will then calculate the money and after verifying the amount, it will dispense a gold bar or gold coin in a black gift box. Inside the black box is you gold bar which is wrapped in plastic. The plastic has a hologram which shows that your gold is not counterfeit. This black gift box will bear information regarding the specific sale, price per gram of gold, return policy and the purity of the gold. As an investor, you are given a 10 days period through which you can return the gold and get your money if you are not satisfied by the purchase.

The use of gold bars is continuously gaining popularity as many investor turn away from investing in common stock. Many people have also started to embrace gold bars as a form of currency. Not to mention the fact that gold bars are the most precious gift to give to your loved one, it is apparent that luxury golden bars vending machines will become more popular as we step into the future.

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