Luxury Guest Houses in Yorkshire: Style and Substance in the North of England

While locations in the North of England are not usually associated with progressive or luxury living, these quaint and unique towns are far more advanced than they are given credit for. Take the Yorkshire town of Harrogate, for example, which is scheduled to host a key stage of the prestigious 2014 Tour de France and may even evolve into a cycling region as a legacy to the event.

Beyond this, Harrogate is also a distinctly tranquil and deceptively luxurious location. From rolling hills and lush greenery to a number of historical natural wonders, its scenic landscape is particularly alluring for high income travellers with a healthy amount of disposable income. There are also a number of high quality guest houses located throughout the region, which offer comfort, space and lavish surroundings.

3 of the Top Guest Houses in Harrogate

With this in mind, which guest houses stand out as the most luxurious in the Yorkshire town of Harrogate? Consider the following: -

1.       The Cavendish Guest House

The 4-star Cavendish Guest House in Harrogate is one of the most picturesque in the North of England, situated on top of renowned valley gardens and sun pavilions. Just a five minute walk from the quaint town centre, it is within touching distance of a host of fine dining establishments and the area’s famous Turkish baths. Ideal for anyone with a love of naturally stunning scenery and relaxation, the Cavendish Guest House offers a sanctuary that can help you to escape from the rigours of modern life. This venue is even close to Harrogate’s royal baths Chinese restaurant, which is frequented by the rich and famous throughout England.

2.       Brookfield Guest House

Located close to the elegant Yorkshire Dales and world-famous Betty’s Café, Brookfield Guest House has been extensively renovated in recent times and has emerged as an award winning and luxury B&B. The structure itself is both stylish and unique, as it was once an old Victorian Town House that reflects both the cultural heritage of Harrogate and its bright, modernised future. Above all else, the Brookfield Guest House is a relaxing haven that can be accessed from the quiet, tree-lined Alexandra Road, and it is therefore the ideal retreat for young couples or those in search of romance.

3.       3.        The Lamont Guest House

Based on St. Mary’s Walk, the Lamont Guest House is a family owned location that once again reflects the diverse and luxury appeal of Harrogate. A charming and traditional Victorian Home, it is situated on a quiet residential home and seems to reflect a more simplistic, classical time. Once inside its grand oak doors, however, guests can unwind in modern luxury and enjoy a host of contemporary amenities including Aga cooked, 5-star breakfasts and complimentary Wi-Fi access. Whether you are a high-powered business guest or someone who simply wants to enjoy everything that Harrogate has to offer, the Lamont Guest House provides the ideal, luxury back-drop for your stay.

If you are planning your trip to Yorkshire and would like to peruse a wider range of guest houses Harrogate, get online today and compare the best luxury locations.


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