Luxury Honeymoon Tips at a Fraction of the Price!

Honeymoons can, and usually are a big purchase! They are also a very important purchase at that! But there are of course ways that we can keep all of the luxury at a fraction of the cost! I am not one for letting expense get in the way of how I want to live, and live like a king!

In the following article, I am going to give you some fantastic tips on making the perfect honeymoon holiday just that perfect, but at a fraction of the cost!

1. Leverage! So you may not think it, but you have leverage, it’s a buyers’ market out there, so take advantage! In contrast to what you will have been told, booking online is not always the most suitable option; don’t get me wrong, you are most likely going to secure the best price, but what about the added extras? I have found that when booking a honeymoon there are advantages to a face to face sit down meeting – use the fact that you are booking a honeymoon holiday to your advantage! You will be amazed at what they will be willing to hand out for free. Room service, upgrades and all kinds of complementaries!

2 Wedding Gift List. Gift lists are imo “out of date and quite frankly rude” but common none-the-less. So what’s a gift list got to do with a honeymoon? Everything! Rather than asking for the usual tat, ask your guests to contribute towards your honeymoon! Most of the travel providers offer a service where individuals are able to purchase honeymoon vouchers. These vouchers can certainly accumulate into a handsome some – not to be sniffed at!


3. Luxuries DIY style. When you land, at your perfect honeymoon destinations don’t forget to take advantage of the duty free! Bubbly, spa kits, facemasks and all of the beautiful little touches that you will ever need. Remember, your honeymoon is about you and your other (better) half, share it together! Why bother with an expensive spa treatment when you can use perfectly good products and treat each other to a pampering session – far more intimate and the perfect way to celebrate!

4 Late Bookings. The recession has been tough for everyone, particularly the tourism industry, more and more people choose to holiday at home rather than abroad, and honeymoons are no exception! If you have your heart set on going abroad then you should consider your options and take advantage of booking late. Late booking can be dicey, you may not get exactly where you wanted, but the cut-price certainly makes up for it!

5. Alternative Airports – Most people take the easy route, and I completely understand why, most of the time, it can be a lot of hassle to use an airport that is further away… But, when it comes to a large purchase such as a honeymoon, making the trip may just well be worth your while! This work both ways, taking off and landing! Source flights to some of the smaller airports and save yourself some money, I have had friend that have saved as much as £2000 just by landing in one of the smaller less commercial airports. That was an extra £2000 that they had for spending money!


Go all inclusive! The only way to travel! Go all inclusive combined with a late booking and you are on to a winner! Not only will you pay a cut price, but you also have the added benefit of not having to pay for anything while you are away! Don’t forget to milk them for everything they are willing to throw at you. Don’t just settle for drinks and meals, push for activities too – no harm in asking, as I said. It’s a buyers’ market out there!

Peak of the Week Bookings – typically bookings midweek tend to be slightly cheaper than booking during for the weekend, and you had especially want to avoid booking your honeymoon during the holidays.

Off Peak! – obviously this may not be your ideal situation, but when you expect all the luxury of M&S at  Lidl prices you need to make sacrifices somewhere! Off peak honeymoons are fantastic for a few reasons, they are cheaper and there typically tend to be less visitors to the resort. The thing is, even although the weather may not be perfect where you are, that doesn’t mean that the Maldives is suffering the same ill weather!

Local honeymoons – the ultimately the cheapest way to save on your honeymoon is to not go abroad at all! Why not stay a little closer to home? If you live in the UK there are some absolutely beautiful spots that are absolutely perfect honeymoon destinations. The Lake District for example, or what about one of the islands, Tiree? A honeymoon is what you make it!


The author of this article William White, is a travel commentator, William has travelled the world and is always looking for new opportunities to explore this beautiful planet.


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