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Tiffany, Cartier, BVLGARI - all of these just scream luxury jewellery, and no woman would turn down something from these designers. With dazzling jewels, beautiful metallic shades and signature shapes there’s always something to be coveted, and everyone likes to indulge in a little luxury every now and then. But what could be more luxurious than this - how about personalised jewellery?If you’ve ever turned up to a premiere, party or shop opening wearing the same necklace or bracelet as a friend or colleague you’ll know just how embarrassing it can be, but you can create something unique to you with little effort. Whether it’s classic bangles and bold shapes, or simple charm in link bracelets and necklaces that tickle your fancy there is something to suit every style, and what’s more you can personalise it to your tastes. A simple letter or a favourite quote can make jewellery much more meaningful as a gift for someone else; or just to yourself for getting that promotion. For more ideas click here.

For those really special occasions like ruby wedding anniversaries or engagements, you might want to order something to suit yourself or other half exactly, and to do that you’ll need to order bespoke. Of course each designer has their own process, but once you have decided what it is that you would like, you will need to discuss this with the designer chosen and they will inform you whether it’s possible to do. Prices can vary but being included in the creative process, cutting out the middle man and getting the exact piece you wanted, that is unique to you, means it’s a much more special gift. Custom-made jewellery is very similar to bespoke in the sense that it is made especially for you - however, this is where the similarity ends. A custom-made piece of jewellery is much the same as a custom-made suit; you choose the style and materials and the piece is made for you.

You don’t get to design exactly what it is that you want, which is better for those people that only have a vague idea of what they want. Everyone has their favourite styles and certain things slip seamlessly into people’s wardrobes without a blip. Everyone is unique – some people make bold statements with their accessories whereas others subtly highlight their best features. If you know someone well enough then giving the gift of jewellery is one of the best things you can do and taking the extra step to make it suit them down to the ground, either by personalisation, custom made or bespoke design, will earn you a place in their heart for a long time to come.

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