Luxury Living rises above the Austin Skyline

Urban living often requires some level of compromise. While urban residences can provide the ultimate location convenience for that live in Austin's thriving downtown, those who choose to purchase a residence in the city's downtown corridor often have to weigh the tradeoffs between luxury, price, amenities or a building's age. The Austonian has shattered this dilemma. Austinresidents can now purchase luxury condominiums in the tallest residential building across the entire state. The Austonian offers apartments in downtown Austin that offer a new level of luxury, convenience, and personal services.


Austin luxury condominiums are available in many properties, but only the Austonian lifts its residents above the city skyline, providing housing options up to 47 stories above the ground level. The Austonian stands out as the luxury focal point of the Austin downtown skyline. These Austin luxury condominiums are available in 14 different floor plans, and the price points vary depending on the floor plan, and the area of the building. The Austonian is divided into City levels extend from the ground floor to floor twenty-four. Skyline condos extend from twenty five to forty. TheSummit reaches skyward between floors forty-one to fifty and the Penthouse floor plans are reserved for floors fifty-one to fifty-four. On the Austonian's fifty-fifth floor, residents can sit on an outdoor balcony, and look over the stunningAustin skyline below them.




The Austonian also brings convenience to a new level. Within five minutes walking distance are dining, shopping and entertainment centers. Recreation, gyms and fitness clubs are within blocks of the front door. For those who are focused on lowering their carbon footprint, secured bicycle storage is available, so residents can enjoy a zero-fuel emission transportation. Urban living not only puts the average resident near their employer, but also improves their quality of life by reducing the stress of driving eight to ten trips per day.


Green living


The Austonian was designed and constructed with a view toward improving the environment rather than consuming our limited resources. The Austonian is a member of the Austin Energy Green Building Program, and was constructed with environmentally friendly and ecologically sensitive materials. The building contains indoor air quality monitors, and energy conservation equipment to reduce our overall carbon footprint.


The building and the residences themselves were also designed to maximize their view of the beautifulAustinskyline while minimizing the energy lost through the glass facade. Glass features energy reflective, Low-E coating and the panels are filled with energy absorbing gas. All the caulks, sealants, paints used throughout the building are within strict requirements designed by LEED's Green Building Rating System. Event he building's roofing material combined reflective materials with other green energy materials to maximize the building's energy efficiency. As a result, our residents can feel good about their purchase that they are contributing to the planet's well-being.


No otherAustinluxury condo property offers residents as complete a menu or convenience, design excellence and view of the downtown Austin Skyline. If you are in the market for a luxury residence, don't sign a purchase agreement until you tour the Austonian.







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