Luxury Townhome Decorating Ideas

A townhouse is one that has at least one common wall with another home. If you take care and decorate a townhouse properly, it can become a pleasant and safe haven for you. In case you have a townhouse of your own and you want to present its advantages in the best possible manner, here a few suggestions that you can consider.

Welcome Your Guests

You can start with the decorations for the front door of the townhouse. If your homeowner’s association will permit, you can place a wreath made of seasonal materials on the front door. It is a good idea to use materials like flowers in the summer season and pine during the winter months. However, you must make sure that the wreath is big enough to be noticed and does not engulf the door.

Decorate the Foyer

You must consider the entrance area to your townhouse as the place that sets up the stage for the other areas of the house. Determine whether the flooring is attractive enough, lighting is adequate and there is scope for incorporating additional storage space. You can use a bright-colored overhead lamp to make your own style statement. If there is a closet in which guests can hang their clothing, you can get the wood polished to make it noticeable. In case you don’t have a closet that you can offer to your guests, it is worthwhile to add a metal rack that is intricately designed. Tile flooring is an option that you can consider.

Spruce Up the Stairs

Most townhouses have a minimum of two flights of stairs. You can take good advantage of this by using bright colored or soft carpets on the stairs. Also, you can place decorative rugs on each of the staircase landing space. Install banisters that are specially designed in order to draw attention as well as making it interesting for guests. When decorating the house for a party or a holiday, take care not to leave the stairs just like that. You can wrap around floral material or lights on the spires.

Provide Proper Lighting

One of the issues with many townhouses is that they have corners where light is often scarce. It is a good idea to fix up lights in such corners so as improve the lighting. If it is possible, you can add skylights in the roof in order to light up the upper floors. A room’s décor can also be complemented by placing small tables beside armchairs and keeping small lamps that have shades. There are many great ideas and online resources but some people stick to professionals when home building and decorating are concerned. For Australia market there is a variety of builders display homes in Melbourne, for some great house designs ideas.

Harmonize the Space

In order to harmonize the décor in your townhouse, it is a good idea to make use of the same pattern for the entire household if it is possible. It is normal to see rooms in townhouses that are open to each other. You can make them a part of the unified house by ensuring that they are all decorated using not only the same color schemes, but also with similar flooring material and furniture on each of the floors.


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