Luxury Wedding Dresses Go Short and Formal

After Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William back in 2011, wedding dress designers found themselves inundated by requests from brides-to-be who wanted to emulate the new princesses wedding gown design. And it’s no wonder, because the general consensus is that Mrs. William got it just right and her wedding dress designer, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, was in December 2012 awarded an OBE by the Queen.

The traditional design of Kate’s wedding – which featured long, lace sleeves and a plunging, yet modest, neckline – immediately sparked a wave of demand from brides around the world who took inspiration from the newly created princess for their own wedding dresses.

A Modern Take on Traditional

Traditional dresses in 2013 are still incredibly popular, as can be seen from the tide of approval stemming from the wedding dress designed for popular Downton Abbey character Lady Mary. However the word is that traditional is about to meet modern head on as designers have begun to popularise wedding dresses which depart from conventional hem lengths. Valentino, Justin Alexander and Maggie Sottero have all been producing wedding dresses which feature either short or mixed length hems, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

Short wedding dresses are still deemed so unconventional that there still lingers an association between short wedding dresses and bad design or, at the very least, a complete break with traditional design which sometimes verges on the inappropriate. However designers seem to be attempting to break this association by creating beautiful short wedding dresses that are as beautiful as they are elegant, thereby proving that wedding dresses don’t have to sweep the floor to be demure.

Traditional Weddings Still Popular

Despite the new demand for unconventional wedding dresses, weddings themselves still tend towards the traditional and luxury remains the byword of any good wedding. From hand crafted, personalised wedding invitations – of the sort which can be found at – to bespoke place settings and soaring cakes, traditional weddings won’t be going out of style any time soon.


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