Luxury Weekend in London with the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones is a four man band which performs music of the genre blues in form of rock and roll. Apart from the four men they have additional crew that helps them in playing different types of instruments for their live performance concerts. They have been in the game for the last fifty years and over the years, they have proved to satisfy their fans in terms of meeting their fans expectations. This is evident through massive record sales and also successful concerts all over the world where tickets in many cases are completely sold out.

Over the years, in their encounter in the world of music they have gain tremendous popularity across the globe. They are considered to be one of the greatest Rock and Roll Band of all times. Even in their early days of performance, they faced harsh criticism from the public but kept going strong and this enabled them to become what they are today.

Having gone for many tours to all corners of the earth, they have made a name for themselves. Their tours began in the early 1960s where they first went a British tour in 1963. From then they have continued to travel in many parts of the world ranging from Europe to America. In their road to stardom they have gained numerous titles from being at the top of every billboard to being a top group in their genre of music.

Come November this year, they are back in London after 5 decades since they performed at Marquee club in London. In that case, they are expected to drive the crowd wild as they will give them great hits from the past 5 decades. This means that London is the place to be this November as this is a concert that is worth every penny. It therefore makes the attendance of the Rolling Stones concert to be a great vacation during the month of November this year as it will be the concert of the year.

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