Make Every Night of Chanukah Sparkle This Year

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Eliza and I've been dating for three Chanukahs now, but this one is going to be like no other.  I'm going to ask her to be my wife at her parent's place.  Her dad has already accepted me and my decision to do it in his house, where Eliza grew up.
I know it's going to be a special event, marking the beginning of our lives together as a wedded couple.  However, I think I'm going to score extra points with Eliza due to the thought I placed in finding a diamond she'll love for a number of reasons.

Social Responsibility

Eliza is the most kind-hearted person I know.  She told me she didn't want a diamond ring at first.  She was concerned about the social implications regarding unjust and unethical actions involved with mined diamonds.  She didn't want a 'blood diamond.'  I understand.

My decision to buy a lab created diamond allows me to rid Eliza of any worry.  The diamonds are created in a controlled environment, following strong ethical practices. The origin of a man made diamond is guaranteed, so it gave me peace of mind, as I am certain it will her.

Environmental Awareness

Eliza and I raise awareness and charity funds for a local recycling effort.  We are very environmentally-conscious with our lifestyles.  Another reason Eliza did not want a diamond ring was due to the pollution caused by mining practices, and the excavation necessary to find them is very destructive to the Earth. 

Again, my decision to go with a lab-made diamond allowed me to avoid adding to environmental damage and Eliza's related anxieties.  The Gemesis process leaves a considerably smaller carbon footprint.


Just like mined diamonds, Eliza's diamond is certified by a third party. That gives me the assurance I needed; I don't have to worry.  I want to think about Eliza's future with me and not about whether I made the right investment.

My mom asked me if I thought by getting a man-made diamond, that Eliza would take it as being “fake,”, as if to say, our love is fake. I assured my mom that Gemesis lab-created diamonds are 100% real, they just don’t come from the Earth.

Once the ring was delivered, I showed my mom and she was floored by the beauty of it. Still, she insisted I take it to her jeweler, Mr. Rabinowitz to make certain I wasn’t duped. He said he the only way a jeweler can tell the difference is because Gemesis laser inscribes all its stones. He said I made an excellent choice and commended me for considering Eliza’s social ideals. He also wanted to know if Gemesis sold loose diamonds, which they do. I suspect he’ll be carrying them in his store soon.

Having a Choice

Eliza loves having choices.  On our first date, I remember revealing our to-be destination only to have her ask, "What other choices do I have?"  I looked at all the eco-friendly diamond sellers before choosing the one that made sense to me.  Many of them claim to have diamonds that are “conflict-free,”, but how can we know for sure? Some are Canadian, some are from Africa, and some are even simulated, but not real diamonds. With Gemesis, Eliza will get exactly what she wants and deserves.


I’ve known for a while that she likes the square-cut stones the best, and every jeweler has them, but the setting is what makes the ring in my opinion. I found the type of setting she saw in a store window when we were on vacation in San Francisco last summer.

Gemesis allowed me the option to create my own ring, just like the one she saw on that special day we had in the city. The process was simple and the filters made it easy to whittle down to the size and cut I wanted.


If you asked me what the first word that comes to mind when I think of Eliza, it would be 'perfect'.  She is perfect.  I want everything I buy her to be so.  I'm happy to know she'll be getting a perfect, Type IIa diamond for our engagement.
The ability of labs to replicate nature's processes is extraordinary, allowing for certified Type IIa, the highest quality, gems (only top 2% of all mined diamonds get this grade).


Eliza makes my heart sparkle.  Actually, it's my nickname for her.  I want to make her ring light up a room like she does my world.  Did you know a diamond's "sparkle" relies on how it's cut?  (I didn't.) Lab-created diamonds have an advantage by being higher quality than most mined, allowing for a planned cut that better defines the gem's brilliance. Her eyes will sparkle when she opens the box!

Eric Dockwiller

Eric Dockwiller lives in Midtown Manhattan and writes about fashion, romance, adventure travel and culture. He regularly contributes to blogs and magazines in New York and his native San Francisco. His work has also appeared in the Village Voice and SF Weekly. When he is not exploring the New York fashion scene, Eric likes to travel the US in search of stories to share. ...(Read More)

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