Make Your Own Home a Resort

What if you could step out your patio doors and enter a backyard oasis akin to some of your favorite luxury resorts? While it can be entertaining to travel to exotic locales and indulge in spa treatments and other relaxing activities, you can transform your personal outdoor space into a staycation paradise.

Assess your space

Your geographical location and actual size of backyard space can place limitations on the type of private oasis you can create. Some areas are not practical for a pool while others may not be able to house an outdoor kitchen plus hot tub area. If you already have furniture in your space, remove it so you can really see the area available for transformation. After assessing the space, make a list of your favorite resort amenities and decide which ones you’d like to bring home.

The style

Any decorating project can be made easier when it has a central design theme to guide its focus. Consider the types of resorts that are your favorite to visit when vacationing. Do you prefer a Mediterranean style, tropical, rustic-chic or contemporary style? When thinking Mediterranean, envision hand-painted tiles, arched entranceways and ample, cushy seating for friends and family to linger over a casual meal. For a hint of the tropics, incorporate a palm tree or two plus exotic flowers in containers or raised beds. An outdoor stone fireplace may fit into a rustic-chic style while contemporary has many options including an elegant canopy to offer shade while you relax in a chaise lounge.

Beyond the swimming pool

A uniquely shaped swimming pool can be a focal point for your backyard oasis. If your space does not allow for a pool, or that is not your style, consider another water option. Hot tubs can be installed in a variety of styles and sizes. Your hot tub can be installed flush to a deck or elevated into its own space, surrounded by beautiful foliage and extra seating. Other water elements to consider include waterfalls, reflecting pools and koi ponds. How about a pondless waterfall? This feature offers the sounds of the traditional waterfall as well as the rock shapes and aquatic plants but does not include any fish to care for and the water depth is only about two inches.

Fireplaces, kitchens and heat

What could be more relaxing than an evening spent in your backyard oasis, sipping a glass of wine in front of a gorgeous outdoor fireplace? A beautifully constructed stone fireplace can anchor any backyard space. The ambiance of the flickering flames invites you to enjoy a quiet evening with your sweetheart or share some special time with friends. A fireplace typically takes up more space than a stand-alone fire pit but it will add another level of opulence to your outdoor space. In addition, an outdoor kitchen area is like adding another room to your home. Ideal for couples who plan to enjoy their backyard space frequently, an outdoor kitchen is perfect for dinner parties or for romantic evenings alone. Depending on your space and design decisions, you also may opt to include patio heaters as well.


Your backyard oasis may need a covering or some level of shelter from the intense light of the midday sun. A stylish canopy, awning or pergola may be just the ticket. Pergolas can offer shade and a unique design element to backyard landscaping.

Remember when creating your “home resort”, design to suit your preferences. It’s your oasis and it will be there for you each time you open that back door.


Megan Brown is a couture-obsessed jetsetter who has a no-nonsense approach to blogging her views on the latest style and travel trends. When not daydreaming about the perfect Lily Pulitzer sundress to wear on her next trip to the Cayman Islands, Megan works as a social media networker, cycles, cheers on her favorite sports teams, and attempts develop her taste for good wine....(Read More)

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