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The Key to a Luxurious Home
By: Jone Mike   |    October 3, 2013   |   2 Comments (2) (0)

Decorating a house can be a daunting task. With walls to paint, floors to cover and rooms to fill, the prospect of bringing everything together to form one holistic home with just the right balance of luxury and personality can be taxing, but with a few simple guidelines worth keeping in mind, it is certainly achievable. 

·        Avoid bold, brash colours, particularly on the walls. They are not pleasing on the eye and don’t make for the kind of tranquil, relaxing atmosphere that we associate with luxury. Opt instead for softer, neutral tones and accentuate with subtle touches of colour elsewhere around the room.

·        Lighting is also crucial. Just consider your favourite restaurants; they will more than likely be lit by candles and a general soft, ambient glow, as this creates a feeling of calm and sophistication that is hampered by blinding, glaring light.

·        Metallic colours are very popular within the luxury accessories and furnishings market and for good reason. They allow you to add splashes of character that will lift a room without spoiling the general feeling you have created with the core décor. Go about introducing them cleverly – on drapes or scatter cushions for example – to make the most of this key trend.

·        Clutter will immediately spoil the look and feel of any well-furnished home, no matter how nicely decorated it may be. Avoid this problem by keeping your belongings organised and neatly stashed away. Custom storage is ideal for this task, as not only does is make stashing your things out of sight much easier but anything custom built to fit in your home will immediately suggest luxury.

·         Open plan living has seen a major boost in popularity over the last decade and has shown no signs of slowing down since, with the trend catching on worldwide. It puts an emphasis on entertaining and socialising and opens up the rooms to make the most of all the available space. Knocking down walls and reconfiguring the layout of your home may seem like a big undertaking but it offers a whole new way of living. 

·        What you choose to display on your walls can have a major impact on the feeling you create. Tasteful artwork that compliments the colour scheme of the room is ideal and if opting for family photographs, consider high quality custom prints as opposed to standard print-offs in random frames around the room.

·         It can be very effective to have a centrepiece for a room, particularly any room where you are likely to entertain guests. There are many options for this, be it a grand piano proudly on display, an exotic aquarium full of tropical sea life or a cast iron fireplace to add both beauty and warmth; the choice is yours. A focal point such as these immediately gives the room a basis to work around and provides a handy talking point.

·        One of the best ways to add luxury is to add culture. This can be as simple as the artwork you display but if you are lucky enough to have travelled the world, displaying souvenirs from your ventures is a perfect way to proudly show and celebrate your lifestyle; bringing a little touch of each country you visit to add character and history to your home.

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2 Comments on this Article

Mike commented on December 6, 2013

Thanks for sharing this informative knowledge.

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Raajul Sharma commented on December 6, 2013

I Have a Toyota Corolla, for which I need re-painting to be done. From the post I guess a metallic coat would be best for the same, your post is well researched and informative! Thanks for sharing!

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