Does Dating Change After Age 30?

If you are still single when you turn the big 3-0, how different does the dating world become to the one you are used to in your 20s?

While dating is generally still the same, there are a few factors that are different in your 30s than in your 20s. In fact, there are some things about dating in this decade that are actually better than dating in your 20s!

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that dating changes as you get older and sign up for an over 30 dating website:

You are more comfortable in your own skin.

When we are young we tend to be more insecure, looking to others for external validation. As we grow older our confidence builds. Most people feel much more secure in themselves as they move into their 30s and more comfortable with who they are. This can make dating a lot less anxious and a lot more fun.

You have more life experiences.

As you get older, you actually have a lot more to talk about on a date! You can share stories of all of the things you have done, jobs you have had, places you have travelled to and people you have known. You will be able to comment on issues with a perspective and an understanding that you might not have had when you were in your 20s.

You also might be a little more cynical.

Of course, one of the disadvantages of life experiences is that they can make you a little more jaded and cynical about romance. If you have had your heart broken, this can cause you to be a little hesitant or resistant to falling in love with someone new. It is important to remember to keep your heart open and not to judge your new romance on the sins of those who you have dated before.

Also don’t judge someone too harshly if they have a spotty romantic past. When you are dating people who are 30+, there is more of a chance that there will be the odd failed marriage in their past. Instead of that being a deal breaker, get to know the person they are now and decide if they have learned from their mistakes and developed as a person after the experience.

You are busier.

Chances are when you are 30 you have more responsibilities than you did when you were 20. You might have been promoted to a higher up role in your job or you may have even started your own business. You might be more involved in your community or you might even have children from previous relationships.

You don’t have the free time that you might have had in your 20s, which can make dating very different. When you date in your 30s you don’t have a lot of time to devote to just “hanging out” so you will need to be creative when it comes to scheduling dates. However, since free time might be rare in your life – it is so much sweeter when you do take the odd night off!

These are just a few of the factors that might change when you are dating after the age of 30. Some of these are good, others are bad and of course, your experience will be different than others.

But, what about the “ticking clock”?

Although these are some of the positive attributes to dating after 30, there is the element of pressure from people around you. They will be pressuring you to settle down and start a family. Whether or not this is something that you want, don’t let the pressure get to you.

Rushing into a relationship just because the “clock is ticking” is a recipe for unhappiness and a potential divorce later down the line. Being single is much better than just picking someone and settling for them.

The truth is that a relationship should make both people involved better… if it doesn’t this is a bad sign and there is no obligation to continue. The only reason that you should get into a relationship is because you have really fallen in love with someone, not because everyone else thinks you should. You don’t ever have to get married or have kids to have a complete life – no matter what everyone says.

Remember, life doesn’t end when you turn 30 – even if you are single. Have fun, be yourself and enjoy your life!

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