Makepeace Island: A Little-Known Luxury Destination

When the world’s foremost billionaire adventurer, Richard Branson, invests in something, you know it’s worth checking out. And so it is for Makepeace Island, a little-known luxury spot in Australia that Branson began renting out in 2011.

The island apparently appealed to Branson’s whimsy – it’s shaped like a heart and is located upstream from Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. And is so little known, a private investigator company couldn’t even find you here.

Whether you’re looking for Branson-style adventure or just a place to relax and enjoy some privacy and great food, Makepeace Island is an ideal getaway.

An Exclusive Vibe

Makepeace Island can accommodate only 22 guests (Branson likes to refer to them as “castaways”) at a time.

Guests can request wine tastings or attend cooking classes, a far cry from the usual resort, where you get what’s given and nothing more.

Makepeace also has a private movie theater and an outdoor theater, which is really a lovely garden that’s transformed into a state-of-the-art movie experience.

Everything Your Heart Desires

At many resorts you can rent toys like jet skis or scuba gear, but at Makepeace you have access to even bigger toys like kayaks and Hobie Cats. With them you can circumnavigate the entire island in just an hour.

You may need to rent baby toys for your wee one’s amusement, but you’ll never run out of things for adults to do on the island. There are nightly entertainment offerings, an array of games to play and even a room filled with musical instruments like bongos and a didgeridoo for guests to try out.

The Crowning Achievement

The property’s swimming pool will absolutely take your breath away. It’s a 500,000-liter lagoon that includes water features, diving spots and a heated spa that can seat 15 people.

As a reminder of the man behind the resort, the pool features so-called “runway” landing lights on the bottom to allow people to swim laps after nightfall. The runway, of course, represents Branson’s strong aviation ties as founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Hobbies are Just Steps Away

Love to cast a rod or whack a ball? Makepeace offers guests a serene place to indulge their favorite hobbies. Guests can use the resort’s fishing gear to catchmangrove jacks, bream and flathead.

Or they can head over to the tenniscourt and pick up a racket any time of day; the court is also equipped with lights. A fully stocked beverage cart encourages players to return again and again.

A Romantic Getaway

Close out your vacation with a night to remember, taking a champagne cruise on Hannah, the resort’s environmentally-friendly ferry. You can also journey to a more secluded part of the island and order up a fancy dinner, complete with cocktails.

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