Mama Mya, Who Let you Out Like That?


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There ain't nothing wrong with flaunting what you've got, but Mya, don't look like you're putting it on sale for the lowest bidder when you do. Give yourself a look over and try out a new fashion, because goodness knows what you're pitching ain't selling, and that's just the cold hard truth.


Having six pack abs and prospering edges will not be enough to help you succeed in the long run without a solid plan. You better ask Lloyd.


I’m volunteering my services to aid Mya in sprucing up her LinkedIn profile. This dressing up like a member of the Cheetah Girls: The IUD Era just to perform a medley of three songs (including the theme from ‘The Rugrats Movie’ — that was my shit low-key) to the Red Lobster lunch rush schtick isn’t going to cut it for much longer. Trust, not a single soul will bat an eyelash in protest when the producers from ‘Unsung’ come calling her name.


FLOTUS’ recent remarks couldn’t have come at a better time. (Check out the Gallery)

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