Mark Jacob's Latest Designs Not US-Bound

Diet Coke

Okay, so this title is a little misleading, but it's still true nonetheless. Fashion designer Mark Jacobs has designed a set of cans for Diet Coke's European markets and there seems to be no plans to release the haute cans in the United States.

How apt: Marc Jacobs employed his signature swallow print for one of the cans he designed as Diet Coke’s creative director for 2013. The stylized birds flit around a fashion illustration showing a model crouching in a bustier dress, stiletto heels and a tall trilby hat, telegraphing a fashion look from the Nineties.

Jacobs also created cans to celebrate female empowerment in the Eighties and Aughts as the soda giant marks a milestone anniversary in Europe dubbed “Sparkling Together for 30 Years.” Read More

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