Matt Bomer Fashion Interview


With his own fashion line and the fact that he plays an impeccably-dressed character on the hit show White Collar, Matt Bomer is quickly setting himself up as a superstar in the menswear fashion world. While it sure doesn't hurt that he's a great looking fellow, you just can't argue with his style choices, which keep evolving for the better the longer he plays Neal Caffrey. 


Neal Caffrey is one of best dressed guys on TV today—refined taste in all things, from wardrobe to wine, is core to the character. The same happens to be true for the guy who plays him, Matt Bomer, who’s a true man of style (not to mention a talented actor and devoted father). On the occasion of his partnership with Gilt and Alton Lane — and the return of White Collar, Tuesday Jan. 22 at 10 p.m. ET — we sat down with Matt to talk about his relationship with Alton Lane, his approach to style, and the distinct benefits of the tear-away suit. Read the Interview

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