Maui Restaurants


My family and I just got back from an incredible trip to Hawaii and one of our favorite maui activities  was the Old Lahaina Luau on the island of Maui! Our trip included stays on many islands in Hawaii, so we went to two other luaus during our trip but neither one compared. The Old Lahaina Luau was just spectacular and by far our most memorable activity in Hawaii. They started the evening by serving you complimentary drinks as you enter the grounds, the Mai Tai’s with fresh Hawaiian pineapple standout in my mind...shirley temples for the kids : ) After they show you to your seat, we walked around the facility watching as local Hawaiians make traditional crafts...they answered so many questions about Hawaiian culture. This Hawaii Luau starts right after the incredible sunset, make sure you bring your camera because this was the most beautiful Hawaiian sunset of our trip! We went up in groups to have a look at the traditional Hawaiian Luau's up there with the best of Maui restaurants, there was everything you could imagine from fish, to pork, to fresh Hawaiian fruits and veggies! We stacked up our plates with a little of everything and sat down at our table for the start of the luau dancing events. The local Hawaiian performers were entrancing, they sang and chanted in real Hawaiian Language and there motions acted out old Hawaiian legends....this luau was like a trip back in time, we felt immersed in the Hawaiian culture! The luau encompassed everything we could have asked for...amazing customer service, incredible food and mesmerizing performers! If your looking for a real taste of Hawaiian culture on your trip, I’d definitely suggest the Old Lahaina Luau!! We did a bunch of other amazing things during our trip to Hawaii, but i really wanted to share this experience as a must do! Here’s a link to there website ...I’m making a list of the other fun activities we did, so feel free to hit me up for ideas : ) If you are looking for what to do in Maui this is highly recommended. Enjoy your trip!"__

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