Medieval Fragrance Captivates with Celtic Scent

Hylnds fragrance

Barneys New York

There's a suite of three new fragrances from renowned indie perfumers Durga, D.S. and the world famous Garance Doré, each said to captivate the senses with the scent of distant, medieval cultures. Available only from Barneys New York, time will tell if "Broken Spear" and it's sister fragrances will sweeten the air or curl noses.


If you could smell like one place, where would it be? For Garance Doré, it's the island of Corsica where she grew up. For indie Brooklyn perfumers D.S. & Durga (a musician and an architect, respectively), the sights and smells of Northern England are where its at. Inspired by the rolling hills and dramatic history of ancient medieval cultures (Norse, Orcadian, Scotti, Celtic, Pict, Manx, and Angle) and the poetry of W.B. Yeats, the perfumers conjured up the "otherworldly aromas" that capture that mysterious, romantic time in history for their new Hylnds fragrance line. (Read More)

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