Men's Fashion Takes Tie To Pasture

Tieless At New York Fashion Week

Photo from AP

Call me old fashioned, but I wont be taking my ties out to pasture just yet. Still, just as a man can't fight the tides so too is he powerless against the trends of fashion, and this year's summer fashion season is calling for the end of ties as men's fashion's quintessential piece for a sharp look. The trend now is to look younger, more hip, and a lot more loose.


As thermometers start to creep up toward the triple digits, office menswear starts getting casual. It makes sense; having a thick ribbon tied around your neck in the sweltering heat is, by all accounts, a revolting experience.


Our very unscientific polling of the NPR newsroom revealed only 8 percent of men wear ties on hot, summer days. We wondered: Could we, humble fashion pioneers, be on the brink of a cutting-edge fashion trend?


We posed the question to a group of fashion experts. They all agreed that each industry experiences its own unique trends in office menswear. (Read More)


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