Men's Hairstyles Women Can't Keep Their Hands Away From

Sara Cimino/Flickr

Though this piece from discusses various haircuts that women find sexy, I have a different view on the attractiveness of men that I don't believe I've heard anywhere else: The attractiveness of men is based far more on standing in society rather than direct physical attributes. Nevertheless, men's grooming is still really important. 


There are plenty of men’s hairstyles women hate, and if you happen to be sporting one, there’s a reason you haven’t had a date in a while. The flip side, however, is that there are men's hairstyles women find irresistible and we made it our mission to uncover them for you. Using pics of both real men and celebrities, we show you the top hairstyles for men that women go crazy for, along with what they love about them and how you can achieve the look. Read More


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