Mercedes Benz: A Legacy of Luxury

It seems as though Mercedes-Benz has been a household name forever, but where exactly did these luxury European cars come from? Despite ups and downs throughout its storied history, this brand has remained a premier producer of luxury vehicles worldwide. Delving into the history of Mercedes-Benz is to explore the history of luxury cars themselves. 

It’s no surprise that the original creator of the automobile has left a long legacy of influence on global automotive markets. The Benz Patent-Motorwagen toted a humble two-thirds of a horsepower and cost the modern equivalent of $26,337 USD. Despite this, the first car sold around 25 models and, for the most part, started the car industry. Following this were a few variants of the Motorwagen and the minor hit Velo. In 1894 the Benz Viktoria was produced and was Karl Benz’s attempt at making an automobile more affordable for a general audience. It sold over 1,000 models in its first year and roads haven't been the same since.

As a new century dawned, there began a race for other automakers to squeeze their way into the market. The prestigious name of Benz and Daimler had dominated the market, and with the brand's recognition, it was practically impossible to compete as a luxury car. The race was then set as a race of affordability, which lead to extensive developments in mass production and efficiency that finally allowed the common man to buy his own automobile. Although Mercedes had not won this race of affordability, the German auto maker had set the standard of what a car should be like. It was in 1926 that the first Mercedes brand name cars were produced for the open market, shedding the company’s old composite name to adopt the brand name that would become the defining name of luxury automobiles.


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