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Journeyman trunk

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The Journeyman...’A Steamer Trunk for a Jeanmaker’

Scottish luxury furniture makers METHOD and Amsterdam label Denham colluded to produce this unique modern steamer trunk – evoking the movement, heritage and romance of vintage luggage – whilst having some fun with the form and the materials. (The distinct inwardly curved faces mean that only the four hand- stitched leather-clad edges can ever touch the ground)

Entirely handcrafted from Method's workshop on the East coast of Scotland, and containing over 600 custom components and 250 traditional joints, the structure mimics bi-plane and birch bark canoe construction - stretching a 1.5mm thick birch skin over a traditionally jointed skeletal ash frame (for lightness and flexibility) and securing it with custom made and hand Japanned steel engineering fittings.

Entirely hand finished in Scottish leather, secured with black industrial case fittings and detailed in the finest Japanese selvedge denim, this one-off version of the Journeyman trunk has been designed as a travelling workshop for the archetypal Journeyman Jeanmaker; founder of Denham, Jason Denham (including a drop-down work surface, tool webbing and meticulously carved solid ash carousels to store spare buttons/thread spools etc)


Graeme Hunter Pictures

Journeyman Trunk 2
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Journeyman Trunk 3
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Journeyman Trunk 4
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Journeyman Trunk 5


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