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The Joe

Mexican Amercian Football, well someone

has to touch this fine fibers about the

oposite sport of the Soccer,  OPOSITE

sports share some similitudes is not that

sounds weird, so we are starting this post

pointing the things that both sports share,

the look alike factor,

THE FIELD, ok, Soccer and American

Football demand a similar field conditions

American shows up 100 yards Soccer

demands 100 mts and will be talking in

yards 15 yards wider,

this means a lot of basketball courts will

fit, also means that some baseball fields

would be line up with no problemo,

placing both sport in a real athletic

conditions to be perform. 


some similitudes but from here on, I

believe there is only one direct, soccer

has 11 players on the field facing other

eleven... OK,

First sight to an American Football game,

you will go, ok, eleven vs eleven , lets

call it a tie, so, we have almost the same

field, and elven facing eleven... ok

Here is where the difference goes to


King of the games Soccer places eleven vs

eleven, for two matches timing 45 min


allowing 1 half time of 15 minutes, also

contemplates 2 extra times for 15

minutes each with no rest.

American will need at least 3 teams to

play, ofensive, defensive and special

teams, sounds like a complete war going

on, in the other hand Soccer convoques

11 gladiators, allowing up to 6 back up


CU Stadium, México City, Ciudad

Universitaria,  full for the Burros Blancos

del Politécnico, contra los Pumas CU.

El equipo de casa logró un marcador de

28 puntos a favor Burros Blancos pudo

responder con solo 10 puntos, dando la

victoria a los Pumas. 

Los errores de las Águilas Blancas

permitieron  que Pumas CU se abriera un

camino en el marcador , sigue invicto en

la Semana Tres de la Liga Mayor de la


ONEFA this would be tbe mexican mayor


In México the fisrt game played in the

Olympic Stadium was an American

Football game,

little after the Soccer games stated, but

they have used it for everything including

Olympic Games and running races as well.

Anyway we will keep on pointing the

differences between King of Sports Soccer

v/s Amercian Football, so you need lots of

players, it does not stop here, one of the

main difference is founded in the nature

of the sport, both have rules, goals,

objectives, competence and can be


American Football will appeal to the

intelligence, teamwork, capacity but this

game calls on the strengh and contact of

the players.

King of sports Soccer will share almost all

the sentences, but the last condition is

remaining on the agility of the players,

like what wold happen if the contact will

be restrict. 

Wow hard to imagine if you play

americano, but perfect moves will appear

when allowing the player to make it

happen with strenght, imiginations and

his capacity to move. 

Is when Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Cristiano

Ronaldo, Messi, Maradona, Pelé will make


But anyway, lets focus on contact game,

in addition of contact the time is other


Our contact mates will stop the game

after every play, but Soccer will give

continuity to the clock as much as

possible, so in other words, soccer player

never stop moving, and amercian players

will do it all the time.

In soccer you can score with any part of

your body that are not your hands in

american you will be using your hands,

also you can score with a kick but will

have a lower value in the scoreboard.

Here is another one in soccer you  will

only have one point per score, kick points

in american will give you 3 points, touch

down will give 6, but if you kick the next

play will have one more point to the

score, but the same instant if you decide

to score by hand will give you 3 points...

wow, this makes me dizzy...

Here is the local team ready to kick white

politechnicals team.

I have the chance to play both games and

reall y will enjoy soccer so much more it

will hurt.

Pero bueno seguiremos escribiendo



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