Miami Hosts Hermès' A Man's World

Hermes' Man's World

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There's a lot of cheap duds inundating the men's fashion market, but it's the rare gems like those on display at Hermès' A Man's World in Miami that keep me hopeful for a bright and beautiful fashion future. Hosting a suite of awe inspiring ensembles that really speak to a man's inner masculinity, men in Miami never looked better.


In this digital age where fashion consumption is immediate and global, fashion brands are more than ever expected to churn out covetable product and attention-grabbing imagery at a breakneck speed. But for the house of Hermès, who's foundation is built upon meticulous handcraftsmanship, that mentality is eschewed in favor of what feels right and at the right time. So when the invitation came through for A Man's World this past Saturday, a one-night-only presentation by artist Leandro Elrich in Miami featuring deputy artistic director Véronique Nichanian's Spring 2013 collection, I knew I wasn't about to walk into just any run of the mill fashion world fete. (Read More)

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