Michael Phelps Takes Louis Vuitton to the Loo

Forget Ryan Lochte and his potential future endorsements, it's no other than Michael Phelps who landed the first post-Olympic campaign for a major luxury brand: Louis Vuitton. The new Louis Vuitton ad is shot by Annie Leibovitz and made its debut late last week.

The retro-esque shots show a very topless Phelps lounging in a stand-alone 1950s style bathtub. To accompany his tight black Speedo, goggles atop of his wet hair and shaved sculpted legs resting on the sides of the tub, is his Louis Vuitton bag aside him on the marble floor. The classic LV bag is unzipped and open with a crumpled towel spilling out within arms’ reach. The casual look of the ad and bag put an emphasis luxury with ease.

 Some argue that the shot should have been in a locker room versus the bathroom backdrop. However, we disagree. Locker rooms are for athlete’s foot, sweat and luggage and gym bags strewn about; not exactly screaming luxury fashion accessories. The choice to have an oversized Phelps half-naked in a tub with his LV companion make for a very steamy new campaign.

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