Michelle Obama to Cover April Vogue

The Obamas


Arguably the coolest and most fashionable first lady in the history of the United States is going to be on the cover of Vogue's April edition, solidifying many people's sentiments that she might be the most influential and beloved first lady as well as the previously stated praises.


One morning in late January, I am standing at one end of the grand red-carpeted corridor that runs through the center of the White House, when suddenly the First Lady appears at the other. “Heeeee’s comin’,” she says of her husband’s imminent arrival. “He’s coming down the stairs now.” The president is on his way from the residence above, and just a split second before he appears, the First Lady, in a midnight-blue Reed Krakoff sleeveless dress and a black kitten heel, slips into the tiniest bit of a surprisingly good soft-shoe, and then the two of them walk arm in arm into the Red Room to sit for a portrait by Annie Leibovitz. Read More

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