MIHA, a new Parisian fine jewelry design studio

I would like to introduce you to MIHA, a new concept in fine jewelry design.

MIHA, like "Make It Happen", takes you at the heart of the Parisian finejewelry world to share a unique creation experience.  

With a team of leading designers from the Place Vendôme ready to handcraft unique jewelry pieces and the highest standards in the finding of precious stones, MIHA offers the utmost of the French finest tradition of bespoke craftsmanship. 

Each designer has its own portfolio and uniqueness enabling MIHA to tailor your jewelry according to your personality, taste and lifestyle.Starting with a discussion, an idea, or a precious stone, MIHA’s designers will engage you in a very special and unique consultation sharing the emotion of the creative process and bringing unique pieces of jewelry to life.

I welcome you to visit MIHA's website :

Let me know your thoughts. 

I eagerly look forward to your feedback. 


Veronique Le Bansais

Véronique Le Bansais has been an International Marketing Director and a member of the Executive Committee for one of the world?s most powerful luxury brands. From her experience, she has developed an expertise in a place where creativity, perfection and service for a demanding multicultural clientele are essential assets. Véronique founded MIHA in 2011....(Read More)

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