Miley Cyrus Continues To Play Up Sexual Side

Attention Seeking Cyrus

Miley Cyrus/Twitter

Let's face it: I'm a complete sucker for this sort of thing. It's my vice. I know it's trashy, I see it's cheap, but hot dang it's sexy! Miley Cyrus may just be desperate for more attention with this rather provocative ensemble, and quite frankly she'd be better off with a style suited for her ultra-slender frame, but despite it all, she's getting exactly the effect she's seeking.


The sexy star is at it again, sharing another revealing outfit on her social media channel — and she showed off a lot more than her toned tummy!


Miley Cyrus, 20, took to Twitter on June 25, where she continued to flaunt her bare belly in photos — but that’s not all she revealed. Her latest outfit choice shows some serious underboob, making it clear that she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. Do YOU think the photos are sexy or way too showy?


It seems Miley and sexy are synonymous with each other these days — and it wouldn’t be a complete Tuesday without another boundary-pushing fashion statement from the 20-year-old star. On June 24, the “We Can’t Stop” singer was spotted pantless and today she’s showing some underboob. What’s next? (Read More)


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