MINI launches Eco-friendly Luxury Bags

Fashion brand Carmina Campus has created a new line of bags thanks to designer Ilaria Venturini Fendi, the youngest daughter of Anna Fendi. The bags are created from materials that are left over from the prototypes of the MINI roadster. Materials include  seat leather for the bag exterior, mosaics made from body work, sun visors used to conceal makeup mirrors and door handles used as details on the smaller bags.

To be announced at the upcoming Milan Fashion Week which is to be held from February 22 onwards , this is an excellent idea which makes wealth from waste. Porsche started a similar concept last year which involved a line of apparel and accessories created from materials used in its sports cars.

MINI which is owned by BMW seems to be a in a win win situation with this launch. MINI has a long history of being associated with famous brands such as Louis Vuitton; and perhaps this is an idea whose time has come. Given the popularity of the MINI with both genders, we are sure that Ilaria is going to have her hands full with trying to satisfy the demand.

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MINI Launches Eco-friendly Luxury Bags

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