Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Most Stylish of Them All?

Tracey Anderson


From the painfully gorgeous Tracy Anderson to the pregnant but charming Hilda Baldwin, StyleCasters has put together a list of fashion's most stylish people in the Hamptons. Moving past the simple preppy chic styles that seem to overwhelm the area, StyleCaster went through great lengths to put together a surprisingly telling list, though any such compilation is more than subject to controversy!

Who knew that a group of small villages along the South Fork of Long Island would become one of the world’s most famous jet-set destinations, immortalized in everything from documentaries about socialites living in rat-infested squalor to Kanye West songs? The idyllic area along the East Coast known as the Hamptons has become a playpen for celebrities, hipsters, and executives alike.


While the Hamptons may historically be associated with old money and sometimes stuffy style (think men never leaving the house without Sperry Topsiders and plaid pants), an influx of new residents and new subcultures in recent years has meant a major revamp. (Read More)

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