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Modern Bridal Wear Breaking Brides From Bonds

Modern Bride

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What makes modern bridal wearso modern? Well, the fact that you have to think about it says a lot: it's diverse, and it's tailored to your tastes rather than a variation on the centuries old white dress. According to Stone Fox Bride, leading bridal fashion industry players, modern bridal wear is trending and strong.

Close your eyes and picture a typical bride. Youíre probably envisioning a big white dress and an elaborate bouquet, right? Now close your eyes and picture a modern bride. The image might look a little different, but probably not as clearly-defined. Thatís because when it comes to whatís de rigueur for todayís brides, the rule is that there are no rules. When it comes to attire, the options are limitless!

For many brides, the most meaningful aspects of a wedding often get marred by having to conform to a bridal ideal thatís simply not for everyone. Personal style is celebrated so fervently in real life, but oddly itís often discouraged when it comes to weddings. Daring to think outside the boxóeven if itís just a few inches outsideĖis something many brides want to do, but often feel itís more trouble than itís worth, and settle for looking like a generic bride on their wedding day, instead of truly looking like themselves. (Read More)

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