Monster Audio Phones Provide Exceptional Music Transformation
By: Kellie Speed   |    Boston Editor
August 5, 2012   |   0 Comments


You’ve heard how audio phones can make a difference but have you really heard their powerful music transformation? If you haven’t yet, you are in for the surprise of your life with Monster’s new Inspiration headset. After just one song, you won’t believe your ears.

Not only will you look cool listening to your favorite tunes with your new headpiece but you will also be transformed to the impact the music delivers. The headphones deliver an incredibly powerful bass, crystal clear audio performance and exceptional delivery that will be music to your ears.

For those who are style conscious, be sure to take advantage of the variety of interchangeable headbands to express your stylistic side. The over the ear noise canceling headphones are available in titanium, white and black but there are eight other colored headbands available for separate purchase, including expression, raptor silver, silver, expression silver, waxed denim, navy, dark brown and tomato.

We love that Monster includes three different types of cables, including straight audio mini to mini, Universal ControlTalk and ControlTalk for Apple devices so they are ideal for use with any device. The supersonic high end audio delivers quality music like you have never experienced with its super soft ear cushions enabling you to listen to music for hours with exceptional comfort.

If you have ever wished to escape to your own personal world of music, trust us, these are headphones designed specifically for you.

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