Montegrappa Chaos Pen for Sylvester Stallone

Montegrappa Chaos Pen

Our favorite action hero seems to believe in the adage of the pen being mightier then the sword. What else can explain Sylvester Stallone giving up his machine guns for a pen that has been inspired by his own legendary self. Montegrappa tells us that Sylvester (who is an ambassador of the brand) is an avid collector of limited edition pens himself. It does justice then to launch The Chaos - a limited edition pen in the honor of Mr. Stallone.

The theme and design of the pen draws inspiration from his latest film - The Expendables. The pen design was cultivated by the works of 16th century artists including Battista Franco, Albrecht Durer, Hans Sebald Beham and Antonio Pollaiolo to create Mr. Stallone's idea of Chaos; a sense of the Renaissance, when things were more simplified and perhaps more noble, placed against our current technological society.

The body of the pen is made of black pearlized celluloid with overlays in sterling silver or solid 18K gold. The overlays are finished by hand by Montegrappa's skilled craftsmen and feature an antiqued finish with accents in red and yellow translucent enamel to represent the colors of fire. The pen design is characterized by the juxtaposition of life and death; with reptiles representing the early forms of life on Earth, and the skull signifying death. The ultimate defining detail, bearing both a fist and a skull, is the pen's clip in the form of a sword.

The Chaos pen also serves to be the first of the Cult collection. It will be a limited edition launch of a 1000 fountain pens and 912 roller ball pens (in silver). Additionally, 100 fountain pens and 100 roller balls in solid 18K gold and 10 fountain pens and 10 roller balls in solid 18K gold with precious stones will be available for enthusiasts of both the screen legend and Montegrappa.

To complement this extraordinary collection, Montegrappa's craftsmen have fashioned a stunning inkwell in rock crystal and sterling silver or solid 18K gold. The Chaos inkwell is available as a limited edition in numbers and materials matching the pens.

For a person who loves to write, this pen could not come as a better gift for the upcoming holiday season.

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