Mud Bath in Calistoga, Budget-Style!

I recently decided, on the fly, to take my teenage daughter for her first "spa" experience. Suffice it to say you do get what you pay for---we booked a last minute overnight with mud and mineral bath at Dr. Wilkinson's in Calistoga, California. Indian Springs, my regular choice, was more expensive and doesn't allow those under 18 to do the mud. Looked good online---the price was like getting a free room for the price of the two treatments!

Sadly, the room was in a cement bunker, the tv was 19" with few channels coming in. No bath tub, just a prefab shower. The two heated outdoor pools were coldish but supposedly mineral water filled, the indoor spa pool was dank and dark, but warmer (still not hot).

The mud bath was nice but not very encompassing. The didn't give us water, although they stressed the need for it!

The mineral "spa" tub was quite short and had a hard plastic spa mat on the bottom, with a cumbersome hose attached to make the bubbles. It ends up dwelling right between one's legs (awkward!). Just makes a big bubbling mess, not soothing. Either fork out for real jacuzzis or go with the deep, plain mineral water tubs, Dr. Wilkinson! At least they gave us water, but the turbulence made it hard to consume!

The steam "room" is more like a closet, barely big enough for two. Pass...!

The blanket warp wind down was also a dud. The table was too short as well, the sheet they wrapped us in just a regular sheet and not big enough. A flannel oversized sheet would be great!

All in all a pleasant getaway, but best for those who haven't had better!

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