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Paris Questions: My daughter has been begging me to bring her to the Moulin Rouge when we visit Paris in a few months ever since I told her about our trip. Is the show inappropriate for a teenage girl?
By: Marco   |   
September 26, 2012   |   4 Responses


Vera commented on October 28, 2013

You may be in for a touch of culture shock, as Moulin Rouge is historically a topless affair. If that offends your sensibilities, then it's definitely a no-go... but if you don't feel that constitutes a deal breaker, there isn't much else that will offend. Some families are happy to bring young family members, others would be quite offended. It's up to you.

BAC64 commented on September 27, 2012

this is a show, it's impressive and can shock sometimes but nothing is offensive ! My father took me there when i was 17 WE HAD A BLAST!

Gabrielle commented on September 26, 2012

The dancers are topless around 90% of the time, so it's up to you and how mature your daughter is. You should know though that the actual show is nothing like the movie. It's more comparable to a show in Vegas.

Ryder commented on September 26, 2012

You should know women dance topless.

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