My 'David Vs. Goliath' Mentality: Bring On The Giants!

Gregory Cornelius

David vs. Goliath

Remember the story in the Bible of young David and his epic victory over the big, conceited (and quite the braggart) bully of a giant Goliath? Goliath was the champion of the Philistines and obviously had seen quite a bit of success whupping up on the opponents! I mean just think about it. The obvious strategy of the Philistines was to simply send Goliath ahead to scare the enemy so bad they wouldn’t even want to fight. It’s almost funny when I think about it. The whole Philistine army just sitting around chilling for days because nobody would come forward to fight against Goliath. Not much of a battle so far, hunh?

Whose Kid Is This?

Then here comes this kid, a young shepherd boy by the name of David, sent to check on his older bothers and see how they were doing. But when David heard of how this Philistine was disrespecting his people he was obviously insulted! “Are you kidding me?” I can hear him asking. “Who is this moron who has the nerve to disrespect us in this way…are you serious?” David was so upset because he knew and believed that God would not allow His people to be disrespected, and as He had done so many times before He would give them the victory.

Certain Victory Is Assured

But here’s what separated David from everyone else. David knew and understood that someone had to be willing to take action in order for victory to be won. And that action would have to be of epic proportions! He knew that God would not, even though He could, send a lightening bolt from heaven to fry Goliath to a crisp.  Someone had to take massive action believing that the end result would be in their favor. Sound familiar? If we want to achieve success in life we have to be different from the crowd. We have to realize that things will not just happen by osmosis. We must believe strongly enough to not just take action…but massive action.

So that’s what David did. He took what he knew and what he believed and took immediate action, never doubting what the outcome was going to be. When David came out to face the giant Goliath it was, I’m sure a little humorous to Goliath for a minute. To see this young shepherd boy coming toward him to face him in battle…no armor, no sword, just a sling and a couple of smooth stones. He was probably still laughing as David placed one of the stones in the sling and started to swing it above his head. He was probably laughing all the way up until the moment that stone struck him slap dead in the middle of his forehead and knocked him silly (well more like dead!).

So how can we apply this to business? We cannot allow fear to keep us from taking action. And though the obstacles we face my appear to be too big or too frightening for us to overcome, we have to believe in ourselves and our vision enough to know that we can win. And although we do need to plan we must be prepared to take action…and not just action but massive action. I’ve learned that instead of looking at all the reasons why I can’t or won’t succeed, I need to focus on why I can, will and must succeed. Sometimes the giants that we face are just big bullies that have never been defeated because no one was brave enough to fight. They we’re winning be default just by being big, ugly and talking a lot. Face the giants in your life with confidence. Take massive action daily to find success. Blog daily. Read daily. Market daily. Listen daily. You can do this is you get in the fight with confidence! Bring on the giants!

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