Napkins Offer a Nice Touch for All Eating Occasions

Napkins offer a nice touch of elegance to the dining table. At home, unless it is a special occasion napkins are not something we often use. Many restaurants and hotels will, however, often use folded napkins to complete the appearance of a set dinner table. Otherwise they would be used at functions such as weddings or such celebrations. Why are napkins used? If proper dining etiquette is observed napkins are meant to gently dab your mouth during a meal and are unbelievably not supposed to get dirty! Traditionally when dining, the unfolding of a napkin by the host or hostess is the sign for a meal to begin. Then it is fully opened up and kept on your lap throughout the meal. It is meant to be kept on the lap.

High quality, large napkins are perfect for busy restaurants and special occasions but are used by catering businesses for even snacks. But whatever the exact catering need businesses or individuals need to buy napkins wholesale in order to save money.

Dinner napkins, like most things come in different shapes and sizes and differ in quality. There is a significant difference in quality between 2 ply paper serviette type napkin and premium quality cotton with a delicate border design or motif. Paper napkins can come in 2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply and 8 ply strengths. What this means is that ply means layers. Obviously the more layers there are, the stronger the napkin, the term ply can also be added to other napkin materials such as cotton.

Most napkins are small in size and disposable unless used for very high-end functions when proper table etiquette must be followed. Napkins, like everything else have a role when partaking in fine dining and the incorrect use could cause many an eyebrow to be raised. Did you know, for example, that when leaving the table it must be elegantly placed on the chair?



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