Narrow house design - How to make the best of it

Different people prefer different house designs based on their personality traits and tastes. You can find houses which are influenced by different cultures. For instance, for large houses Victorian styles are preferred even today. These Victorian designs are simple, stark and yet elegant. Another popular style is the one influenced by French architecture. This style is known for heavy ornamentation. Rustic styles are also preferred by many people because of their down to earth appeal. The rustic styles can be recognized by their simple barn or farmhouse like exteriors and interiors. However, since the 1900s the style known as the contemporary or modern style is the one opted for by most people.

Narrow home designs are also a part of the modern or contemporary style of architecture. Modern homes can be distinguished by their minimalistic approach to design and irregularly shaped tall windows. The materials mostly used for the exteriors of these houses are wood or stone and the ornamentation is kept to the bare minimum. Instead of adding ornamentation to the building itself, landscaping is used to create an aesthetic appeal. Although these houses are minimalistic, their designs are very practical and ergonomic.

Narrow home designs are especially practical because space is available at a premium nowadays. At the same time, modern technology, modern furniture design, etc ensures that even narrow homes are comfortable to live in. Even in the contemporary minimalistic designs of modern homes people find a way to stamp them with their own personal signature in tastes and styles. This is usually done by using different materials like wood, asphalt, cement, etc. to create the exteriors and interiors of the home. Different textures can be given to the walls and they can be colored in myriad shades to suit the personality and tastes of the home owners.

Narrow home designs and other contemporary home designs usually incorporate the following features in the interiors:

- High or cathedral ceilings

- Open floor plans

- Crown molding

- Gabled roof, exposed beams

- Wood or ceramic tile flooring

- Gourmet kitchen designs

- Artisan material

- Stainless steel, marble or concrete counters

Clean lines and natural colors are the preference in most modern homes. The emphasis is given on making the home more comfortable and easy to maintain rather than making it look ostentatious. Again the contemporary style of home design proves that you are a modern individual/family with good tastes. In this way narrow home designs and other modern home designs help you to create a style statement.

If you choose a modern home design, make sure that you first analyze your requirements, the size of your family, your lifestyle etc. You can discuss these factors with the architect who will make sure that the design of your modern home suits you in every way. The design of your home will make a lot of difference, in your lifestyle. At the same time, if there are children or elderly people in the family considerations will have to be made for them as well. Hence you should consider all these factors while planning your modern home design.

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