Naturopathic Medicine and Your Health

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Constant sneezing, itchy watery eyes, that tickle in the back of your throat; yes, the season of colds and allergies is upon us and the question lies, what are you going to do about it.  With conventional medicine becoming more and more business and efficiency focused and less about the patient and their problems, people are beginning to turn to different health methods, one of the most popular being the practice of naturopathy.

Though gaining popularity, many people are still in the dark as to what naturopathic medicine really is.  Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care - an art, science, philosophy and practice of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness.  The naturopath gets to know their patients and choses methods of treatment based on the individual's needs as opposed to just diagnosing a problem based on common symptoms and treating their educated guess of a diagnosis. 

Naturopathic physicians recognize the healing powers of nature and remove obstacles in the patient's life to allow for natural recovery.  The naturopath also sets out to treat the actual cause of illness instead of just treating symptoms; they are interested in the health of the whole person.

Instead of using drugs, naturopathic medicines are used which support the body's ability to mount a defense against the disease.  Naturopathic treatment strengthens the bodies own abilities to regain and maintain health.

When your body starts acting up this season, consider looking in to new forms of treatment.  Naturopathic physician's are licensed after a 4-year graduate level medical school and there are practices all over the country.  Locate the nearest naturopath to you and be prepared to fall in love with a new type of medical treatment, one where you are treated like a person not just the next patient.

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