NBA Playoffs and Its Fashion Show

Lebron James

via YouTube

The NBA Playoffs offers up some of the most competitive athletics in the world as well as a unique look into the state of men's fashion. From LeBron James to  Kevin Durant, the state of superstar basketball players and their (in)ability to show off fashion sense is remarkable and well worth checking out, if not to at least remind yourself what not to wear.


Yes, it's that time of year again. The commencement of the NBA playoffs means that we'll once again get to dissect our favorite stars' sartorial wins and sins at the postgame press conferences. The NBA fashion wars have been brewing for a while now, but the 2012 Heat/Thunder Finals were the first time we saw truly next-level attire. During that series, Russell Westbrook tried to take credit for starting the lensless "nerd" glasses trend (why this is a thing he'd want to take credit for is beyond comprehension).

No matter their origins, it's clear that the oddities of basketball fashion have reached a new frontier. Exhibit A: After the Bucks vs. Heat game Sunday night, LeBron decided to channel Tommy Bahama: Read More

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