NBA's Fashionistas Shouldn't Be Seen as Style Role Models

Mark D. Smith/USA TODAY Sports

Apparently the players deemed as the best-dressed in the NBA have a whole lot of style, but that doesn't mean that the styles are any good or should be emulated. With terrible picks like sleeveless jean jackets and too-small fedoras, these NBA superstars should be seen as role models for what they're good at (playing basketball) and not as fashion icons.


 GQ recently named Tyson Chandler, Dywane Wade and Russell Westbrook the most stylish men in the NBA. They beat out Jeff Van Gundy by a hair in a vote that was tighter than a pair of skinny jeans.

If these guys are going to win awards for wearing boots with shorts and summer scarves with Capri pants, then I must be hanging out with the wrong people. I mean, Russell Westbrook looks like he's straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

There might as well be a catwalk for the players to walk down before getting in front of the podium to answer questions. Maybe give a spin, pose and comment on who they're wearing. Read More

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