New girl: Turn your feminine bedroom into a couple's retreat

One of the best things about being in a relationship is that it’s all about compromise. Learning how to make a deal that suits both parties is crucial to any successful partnership but it is a skill that some of us have to learn.

One area that often causes a bit of friction is the design of the home. When one partner moves into another’s space it can often feel like an invasion. However, the decision to move in together shouldn’t be spoiled by petty squabbling about colours schemes.

The best thing to do is decide to decorate together. Try and find solutions to design problems that both parties find acceptable. The bedroom shouldn’t be all about flowers and girly furnishing, just like the living room is about more than a big flatscreen and a games console. Learn to compromise and you can create a space that both parties love. Choose furnishings like bedding and curtains together and you can create a space that both of you call home.

Home furnishings and furniture can be expensive unless you look in the right places. In the big department stores or specialist furniture shops, unless you’re looking in the sale, you might end up paying an arm and a leg. Even then, it’s almost impossible to get a deal because you have to wade through the thousands of other people there desperate to do the same thing. When you eventually do find a salesperson, everything but the most revolting items have already gone. Which is just one of the reasons why more and more of us are shopping online these days.

It also explains the popularity of shops like Sainsbury’s new furniture lines. Because this is a name you can trust and because you know they have a good idea of things customers want, it’s really worth checking out their great home bedroom furnishings range. You can get everything from sofas to sideboards, from dining tables to coffee tables, as well as a huge range of soft furnishings too.

There are lots of great bedding and bedroom furniture ideas that both partners will really like. With such a huge range, nobody has to miss out. Keep an eye out for their bedding sale too as we know that both of you will definitely love getting a bargain.

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