New Pizza Joint in Miami Mimics 'Seinfeld' Episode

Pizza Dude in Miami Beach

Linda Bladhom/Miami Herald

Like the idea Kramer had in an episode of Seinfeld 25-years ago (described below), a restaurant called Pizza Dude in Miami Beach sounds like it would be worth taking a trip from Miami if you happen to be traveling to the Florida city any time soon.


Twenty-five years after Seinfeld’s Kramer had the crazy idea for a pizza place where customers make their own pizza, the concept has come to South Florida. At Pizza Dude in Miami Beach, you can wear an apron and chef’s cap and adorn your pizza with a choice of sauce and 40 toppers from artichoke hearts to zucchini.

Owners Ron and Roberta Gould and son Justin may have stolen the idea — the episode plays on TV 24/7 in the window — but they streamlined the concept (no sticking arms in a hot oven).

Ron’s grandparents moved in the 1930s from Manhattan to Miami Beach, where they were founding members of Temple Beth Shalom. Ron moved down with his family as a child, returning to New York for law school. Read More

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