New Premium Vodka Launches in the USA

Broken Shed Vodka

Steve Mirsky

It all started when Mark Simmonds and Steve Turner joined forces in New Zealand to create a premium vodka. Steve initially left banking and entrepreneurial pursuits in NYC to take a year off with his family in Wanaka New Zealand. It's now been 4 years and he has no plans of leaving.  Mark is the local connection from Central Otago wine country with nearly 2 decades in the beverage industry.

Broken Shed was born guessed old shed overlooking Wanaka Lake in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The now somewhat renovated shed is currently used for tasting events and offices. Broken Shed Vodka is distilled four times from New Zealand whey (the excess sugar generated from milk production). Very few vodkas are distilled from whey. Even fewer are additive free and based on a blend of two distinct water sources from New Zealand, one from Central Otago on the South Island and the other from East Tamaki on the North Island. After testing ten different water sources from all over New Zealand, Mark and Steve believe they have found water with the perfect character to blend with their whey spirit.

Broken Shed also attributes its smooth taste profile to demineralization and re-blending of this fresh spring water while continuously depth filtering it with a custom designed charcoal filtration process.

While the U.S. vodka market is admittedly over-crowded, Mark and Steve are confident that Broken Shed's flavor will stand out from the pack. After sampling some in advance of their official launch here in Connecticut later this week, I can attest to this vodka's remarkable smooth yet flavorful mouth feel. Even though it's mellow sipping, Broken Shed still has a character that's often lost in other premium vodkas. They really capture the delicate balance between water-like softness and palate pulsating pleasure. I actually enjoyed Broken Shed best straight up at room temperature. Do yourself a favor...give the Grey Goose and Belvedere a rest and try out this upstart premium instead. I'm interested in hearing what you think!

Coverage made possible by participating in a complimentary tasting.

Broken Shed

Inside the Broken Shed Where It All Started

Steve Mirsky

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