New Trends: Two Luxury Vapor Lounges in the U.S.


As smoking becomes less and less an acceptable habit, smokers the world over, who are addicted to the nicotine in tobacco products, or, worse, who simply love the gesture of putting a cigarette to their lips (for lack of doing anything better with their hands in a social setting) are finding it harder to socialize. Gone are the days when smoking was being marketed by pushing visuals of attractive men and women looking casually glam as they enjoyed their favorite brand of cigarettes. Gone are the days of the cigarette-smoking sultry seductress and of the equally iconic Marlboro man. Throughout most of the United States regular smoking is prohibited not only inside cafés, pubs, restaurants, and bars, but also on a fifty foot radius of said establishments.

What are smokers to do, then? Lock themselves up inside their apartments and only socialize at house parties with tolerant hosts? That type of host is becoming harder to come by, day by day. Quit smoking altogether? Easier said than done. That’s where technology steps right up to the plate and delivers and ingenious alternative solution. Electronic cigarettes have been on Western markets for the better part of a decade, but since they have been regarded as a controversy by most regulating bodies (such as the FDA), it took a while to get a culture going around them. Nowadays, though, cool and glam vaping lounges are popping up all over the country.

Vaping is what e-cig users call their new favorite pastime. The name of this habit is derived from vapor, i.e. what comes out of a BLU cigarette instead of the nasty, toxic substance-laden smoke that comes out of regular cigarettes. If you’re in the US and feel like enjoying a vaping session in style, here are two spots you might decide to drop by.

Go Old-School in Tucson

One former heavy smoker turned entrepreneur in Tucson, Arizona, decided to turn a life-long habit into a better lifestyle choice, as well as an opportunity for a lucrative business. That’s how one of Tucson’s coolest shops came to be. The lounge in question has been designed to remind shoppers and casual visitors of the Old World charm found in exclusive clubs around the country, as well as in the glamorous speakeasies of yore. The leather couches and warm tone flooring look awfully cozy and inviting – meanwhile, as buyers-to-be peruse e-cig accessories, e-liquid flavors, and other accoutrements, the store staff is around to make sure they’re making the most of their experience and leaving completely satisfied.

Smoque in Style in Lakeview

Another business owner in Lakeview, Illinois, said he has always hated smoke, its smell, what it does to walls and fabrics – and so has always looked for better alternatives to enjoying a cigarette. Once he discovered electronic cigarettes there was no turning back. He recently opened a vapor lounge on the corner of a high traffic street in Lakeview, designed to sell coffee, electronic cigarettes, and other related accessories. The owner boasts no fewer than thirty different flavors of e-liquid. The owner also says his main goal is to create a friendly, clean, and leisurely environment for clients to enjoy themselves in. The innovative lounge will have four or five areas for lounging, fresh brewed coffee, and a retail area.



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