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New Volkswagen Golf Upgrades

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf has proven itself to be a pretty amazing little car, especially considering it has a relatively small price tag. However, the newest version is looking to improve upon this Volkswagen model in quite a few ways.


 The Volkswagen Golf is Europe’s best selling car, and it’s going under the knife. Volkswagen is preparing an all-new Golf (Mk7 to VW fans), which will go into production in September. According to Britain’s Autocar, the new Golf will be larger, but also lighter and safer.

A 2012 Golf (pictured) is 165.9 inches long, 70.3 inches wide, and 58.2 inches tall in five-door guise. The next Golf will grow to 167.5 inches long, 70.8 inches wide, and shrink slightly in height to 57.2 inches. Continue Reading


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