Night Lights for Grown Ups

Do you remember the night light you had when you were a kid?  This is not that kind of night light.  The handcrafted porcelain lithophane night lights available at are made for grown ups. 

Lithophanes originated in Europe in the 1820's when artists discovered that a remarkable three dimensional image could be produced by shining light through porcelain carved in varied thicknesses. The technique used to create lithophanes can result in images so detailed they are sometimes mistaken for photographs. In reality, the varied thickness of the carved porcelain and the skill of the carver is what gives life to these remarkable objects. 

To create a lithophane, the artist first carves an image into beeswax. A plaster casting is then taken from this masterwork and a fine porcelain paste is pressed into the resulting mold. Finally, the panels are kiln fired to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve their extreme density and translucency.  The result is a stunning piece of functional art that will enhance your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or hallway.

Elizabeth Rouse

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