Night Vision by TechnoMarine

For the young, urban night owl, TechnoMarine introduces the new Night Vision. 

The watch’s monochromatic black-on-black  Thedesign keeps the wearer under-the-radar during daylight hours, but when darkness falls and his social swirl comes to life, so too does the watch face in bold pops of color. In the dimly lit, after-hours atmosphere, telling time has never been easier thanks to the striking contrast of vibrant and glowing indexes against the canvas of  viba midnight-hued dial. 

Elsewhere on the watch, discreet splashes of color—along the side of the bezel and on the inner layer of the strap—are visible only to those that are in-the-know. Like the man who wears it, the Night Vision is subtle, sharp and supremely confident. It’s inconspicuous, but always stands apart from the crowd. As the evening’s escapades unfold, lead the way with the Night Vision.


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