Nike's Air Force 1 Begets Lunar Force 1


Nike's insanely popular Air Force 1 shoes are getting a bit of an evolution this week when the internationally popular company releases the next take on the classic basketball shoe, deemed the Lunar Force 1. Created by fashion designer Marc Dolce, they're sure to be a hit like practically everything the sportswear brand puts out.


Nike's Air Force 1, the sneaker model originally introduced in 1982 as a performance basketball shoe, is an undeniably iconic piece of footwear design. Easily identifiable by its original athletic details and substantial silhouette, the on-court shoe speedily became popular off the courts, acquiring a fervent fan base who wore the shoes in every setting, eager to pick up the latest incarnation or colorway available (something that certainly holds true today). Nike, of course, is hardly a brand to stay put in the past and so, as the AF1 celebrates its thirtieth anniversary the company is keenly focused forward on the next thirty years. Read More

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